Quick Answer: When Did The Song Seventeen Come Out?

What is Janis Ian worth?

$1 millionJanis Ian net worth: Janis Ian is an American songwriter, singer, musician, and author who has a net worth of $1 million.

Janis Ian was born in New York City, New York in April 1951..

How many songs does seventeen have?

Seventeen discographyMusic videos29EPs10Singles19Reissues23 more rows

Why are there so many songs about being 17?

Because 17 is that supposed “magic” number in age where you are mostly adult but still partially a child. It is also past the notorious “jail bait” aka under age for sex limitation that was in place at that time in most places aka under 16 was illegal, over 16 was allowed.

How old is Janis Ian?

70 years (April 7, 1951)Janis Ian/Age

Who left seventeen?

During the hiatus of Seventeen TV, three members left, Dongjin, Doyoon and Mingming (without stated reasons, but possibly a “secret trial” eliminated); there was the entry of a new member, THE8.

Is Janis Ian married?

Patricia Snyderm. 2003Tino Sargom. 1978–1983Janis Ian/SpouseJanis Ian, the singer and songwriter, has lived through many of the social upheavals of the last 50 years and has borne witness to many of them in song. Her marriage to Patricia Snyder on Aug.

What can you do when your 17?

What can I do at age 17?Drive most vehicles and pilot a helicopter or plane.No longer be subject to a care order.Become a blood donor.Be interviewed by the Police without an adult present.Leave your body for medical study if you die.

How tall is Janis Ian?

4 feet, 10 inchesJanis Ian measures 4 feet, 10 inches tall. And she is well aware of her height, so feel free to skip that topic if you get to chat with her.

Where is Janis Ian from?

The Bronx, New York, United StatesJanis Ian/Place of birth

What genre is Janis Ian?

Singer-SongwriterFolkJanis Ian/Genres

Who is the youngest in seventeen?

maknaeDino is Seventeen’s main dancer, sub vocalist, lead rapper, and maknae (youngest in the group), born on February 11, 1999. He choreographed their songs “Jam Jam” and “Flower.” Why is the Philippines special for Seventeen?

How many songs do BTS have?

230 songsHow many songs does BTS have? BTS has a total of 230 songs that contains 155 songs on 9 studio albums and one on the soundtrack album, also 2 reissues, and 2 compilation albums. There are 6 episodes, 1 single album,33 non-album releases, and 43 on the mixtape.

Who sang seventeen?

Janis IanAt Seventeen/Artists

Who wrote the song at seventeen?

Janis IanAt Seventeen/Lyricists