Quick Answer: How Much Should I Spend On My First Guitar?

Should a beginner buy an expensive guitar?

Should Beginners Purchase an Expensive Guitar.

Beginners should avoid buying an expensive guitar if it is their first or second guitar.

The reason is they may not commit to learning the guitar for the long term.

Secondly, they have not developed the skill or experience to make the most of the instrument..

How much should you pay for a good guitar?

Those who are still fairly new to the guitar should expect to pay between just over $100 and $500 for their instrument, depending on the brand name, the quality of materials and workmanship, and the included accessories. Even at the lower end of that range, guitars should include quality woods like spruce and rosewood.

What should I buy for my first guitar?

What guitar accessories do you need?Picks. You will need to buy a few picks. … Tuner. It is essential to get your guitar in tune! … Spare strings. Don’t make the mistake of not having spare strings. … Strap. Getting a strap is a very good idea. … Strap Locks. … Metronome. … Capo. … Music Stand.More items…

Is it worth buying a cheap guitar?

The takeaway is this: Never judge an instrument on price alone. That ultra-budget guitar may be the perfect choice for you, especially if you are a total beginner. … Ultimately, buying a cheap guitar is not much different than buying an expensive one.

Can cheap guitar sound good?

In most cases comparing cheap to expensive, I’d say in the hands of a great player, yes. But a Les Paul studio will play and sound just as good as a LP Standard in most hands. Go for it. The amp, pedals, cab, and mic positioning will make more of an increase in quality, as long as the guitar is actually good.

What is the difference between a cheap and expensive guitar?

Cheap guitars are made of cheaper materials than more expensive ones. Cheaper guitars use plywood bodies. More expensive guitars are made of more expensive solid woods like rosewood and mahogany. Cheaper guitars also have cheaper paints, lacquers, and finishes.

Is a more expensive guitar easier to play?

Expensive guitars are expensive usually because of the brand name, the higher quality control, and the pricey woods/materials and electronics. … That way your guitar will always play at its optimal level and it will be much easier for you to play.

Is it worth upgrading guitar pickups?

Upgrading your guitar pickups is an excellent way to improve the overall quality of your guitar. Doing so can also be a better option than getting a new guitar, especially if your guitar is already of good quality. On the other hand, there might be other investments that impact your tone more directly.

Are beginner guitars good?

The key features a beginner needs is a guitar that is well set-up and easy to play, but you don’t really need to spend too much money on getting a better quality of sound. Higher level guitars will only sound better when your playing has progressed to the level that you can play quite well.

Which guitar brand is best for beginners?

Fender CD-60S All-Mahogany Acoustic Guitar. The best acoustic guitar for beginners seeking a big brand name. … Yamaha LL6 ARE. The best acoustic guitar for beginners under $500. … Epiphone Hummingbird Pro. … Yamaha FG800. … Taylor GS Mini. … Ibanez AW54CE. … Martin LX1E Little Martin. … Epiphone DR100.More items…•Feb 9, 2021

Is it OK to buy a used guitar?

Reasons You Should Buy a Used Guitar. One of the most compelling reasons to buy a used guitar rather than a new one is to get a higher quality guitar at a lower cost. … However, because good brands produce high-quality guitars, your used instrument will also age well and provide reliable performance for a long time.

What size guitar should I buy?

What Size Acoustic Guitar Should You Buy?AgeHeightGuitar Size5 – 12 years100 – 120cm3/4 Size12 – 15 years120 – 165cmSmall Body15+ years165cm +Full Size2 more rows

Is it worth buying a new guitar?

If you’re happy to pay a bit extra for the peace of mind knowing that there will be zero wear and tear on the guitar, then buying a new guitar is a good choice. If you want to save some money or try to grab some serious discount on a higher tier guitar, then it is worth looking at used guitars.

What is the cheapest guitar?

View The Best Cheap Electric Guitar BelowEpiphone Les Paul Special-II. Check Amazon Price. … Squier by Fender Affinity Stratocaster HSS. Check Amazon Price. … Yamaha Pacifica PAC012. … ESP LTD EC-10 KIT. … Ibanez GIO Series GRX20Z. … Squier by Fender Affinity Telecaster. … Oscar Schmidt OE20. … Dean Guitars Vendetta XM Shredder.More items…•Apr 10, 2021

Is it worth modding a cheap guitar?

A modded guitar isn’t always desirable as a used purchase, either, which can mean that, despite the ‘upgrades’, you’ll be losing money if you need to sell it on. …