Quick Answer: How Much Is Janis Ian Worth?

Where does Janis Ian Live?

Nashville, TennesseeOne of the top singer/songwriters of the 1970s is finding out she has more fans in Israel than she thought.

‘How cool is that?” Janis Ian cackles into the phone from her home in Nashville, Tennessee..

How old is Janis Ian now?

70 years (April 7, 1951)Janis Ian/Age

How tall is Janis Ian?

4 feet, 10 inchesJanis Ian measures 4 feet, 10 inches tall. And she is well aware of her height, so feel free to skip that topic if you get to chat with her.

Who played Janis Ian?

Lizzy CaplanMean GirlsJanis Ian/Played by

What genre is Janis Ian?

Singer-SongwriterFolkJanis Ian/Genres

Who wrote at 17?

Janis IanAt Seventeen/Lyricists”At Seventeen” was written by Janis Ian at the age of twenty-three and produced by Brooks Arthur. She was inspired to write the single after reading a The New York Times article about a young woman who believed her life would improve after a debutante ball and her subsequent disappointment when it did not.

Who sang 17?

Janis IanAt Seventeen/Artists

When did the song Seventeen come out?


Why are there so many songs about being 17?

Because 17 is that supposed “magic” number in age where you are mostly adult but still partially a child. It is also past the notorious “jail bait” aka under age for sex limitation that was in place at that time in most places aka under 16 was illegal, over 16 was allowed.