Is Arijit Singh Better Than Justin Bieber?

Is Arijit Singh the best?

That is the power of his voice.

Many singers have adorned the industry and given the audience some of the biggest blockbusters, soulful music and trending hits, and will continue to do so, but Arijit Singh remains the best of our era undoubtedly..

Who is better Arijit or Armaan Malik?

they both have good knowledge of music and also a good background with the music. but what the difference is, arijit singh can sing a high pitch song and classical songs better than armaan. while armaan have the better melidious voice than arijit,hence suited for slow songs.

Who is the best singer in India?

Top 10 Singers in IndiaKishore Kumar.Asha Bhosle. … Sonu Nigam. … Shreya Ghoshal. … Shankar Mahadevan. … A.R Rahman. … K.K. … Arijit Singh. … More items…

Who is better Sonu or Arijit?

He has his trademark husky texture with which he has rendered both ghazals like Phir Le Aaya Dil from Barfi and love songs like Tum Hi Ho from Aashiqui 2 with elan. Arijit is undoubtedly one of the best we have today. … Arijit still has a long way to go and is far less experienced than Sonu.

Who is best Arijit or Jubin?

Arijit is senior to Jubin. The former has lured his audiences with a variety of songs. One could feel the ghazalnuma vibes he carries in his voice through songs like, “Gulon Mein Rang Bhare”, ”Riston Ke Saare Manzar”, ”Aaj Jaane ki Zid” and several others. “Phir Le Aya Dil” being my personal favorite.

Originally Answered: Who is a better singer, Arijit Singh or Atif Aslam? Being an old school music fan, I’d say, Atif Aslam is better than Arjit Singh. Atif Aslam’s vocal range is much higher than Arjit Singh’s. Atif Aslam can naturally stand out in a crowd of singers.

How rich is Arijit Singh?

The Net worth of Arijit is estimated to be around 7 million USD, which in Indian Currency is approximately 52 Crores INR. He charges massive 8-10 lacs per song in Movies. He is considered to be the most bankable singer in the Bollywood industry and his net worth is likely to take a hike of 100%.

Who is richest singer in India?

Richest Singers Of Bollywood: This Is What Neha Kakkar, Arijit Singh Charge Per Song!Shreya Ghoshal. We all know this singer, who has been the voice in many movies. … Guru Randhawa. … Neha Kakkar. … Badshah. … Sunidhi Chauhan. … Sonu Nigam. … Arijit. … Mika Singh.More items…

Who is the first song of Arijit Singh?

Phir MohabbatArijit Singh made his Bollywood debut with Mithoon-composition, “Phir Mohabbat” from Murder 2, which was recorded in 2009 though released in 2011. The following year, he worked with Pritam for four of his films. He rendered four versions of the song “Raabta” in Agent Vinod.

Why is Jubin nautiyal so famous?

Jubin Nautiyal is an Indian singer. … He has also recorded songs for films in various Indian languages. His famous songs include “Tum Hi Aana” and “Bewafa Tera Masoom Chehra”, his recent song “Lut Gaye” become a huge hit with 660 million views in 3 months.

What is the rank of Arijit Singh in world?

#26 Celeb 100 Rank 2019.

Is Jubin nautiyal is good singer?

Jubin Nautiyal is another such soulful voice in B-town who has made quite an impression. He is the most valuable singer in the industry to have such an incredible voice. His songs like Zindagi Kuch Toh Bata, a reprised version was heavenly to listen to.

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